Adventures of Félix

Adventures of Félix (2000)


A charming comedy about going on a rather long walk. Félix is a laid-back guy living in the bleak northern coastal town of Dieppe. He lives happily with his lover Daniel and is a soap opera enthusiast and HIV-positive. After losing his job, Félix decides to find the father he never knew in Marseilles. Agreeing to meet Daniel in the southern port city in a week's time, Félix throws on his backpack and starts hiking. On his way, he discovers that family need not always be connected by blood.
Note IMDB 7/10
Note TMDB 7/10
Rotten tomatoes 69%
Note Metacritic 63%

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  • Titre original : Drôle de Félix
  • Réalisateur : Jacques Martineau
  • Durée : 1h35min
  • Année : 2000