After Five In The Forest Primeval (1995)


Anna, 17 years old, is happy to throw her first big birthday party without her parents, but some of her guests are so stoned that they leave a big chaos and, even worse, destroy the favorite record of Anna's father. After the return of her shocked and angry parents, Anna runs away to Munich with her admirer Simon. They discover the nightlife jungle and get to know some typical urban guys. Meanwhile, Anna's parents get in touch with Simon's and try to find their children. On the way across Munich, they remember their own wild and restless youth…
Note IMDB 7.1/10
Note TMDB 7.1/10

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  • Titre original : Nach Fünf im Urwald
  • Réalisateur : Hans-Christian Schmid
  • Durée : 1h39min
  • Année : 1995