Another Man, Another Chance

Another Man, Another Chance (1977)


Claude Lelouch's Another Man, Another Chance begins in France in 1870. Napoleon III has just lost the war against Prussia and left the country in poverty. Young Jeanne (Genevieve Bujold) falls in love with photographer Francis (Francis Huster), who soon takes her with him when he emigrates to America. In a small town in the still wild west, they build up a small photo shop. Meanwhile animal doctor David (James Caan) lives on his lonesome farm together with his unlucky wife. It takes years and two tragic accidents until Jeanne and David meet. She has already decided to return to France as soon as possible, but love, and fate, have other plans.
Note IMDB 6.2/10
Note TMDB 6.2/10

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  • Titre original : Un autre homme, une autre chance
  • Réalisateur : Claude Lelouch
  • Durée : 2h16min
  • Année : 1977