Armin Only: Mirage

Armin Only: Mirage (2011)


Concert in Utrecht -Nov. 2010 Locked in the memory of 15.000 dance lovers and the kick-off to a show that has moved and will move millions. November 13th lies months behind us, but the memories are fresh and the Armin Only – Mirage tour is still in full swing. Armin van Buuren blew the roof off the Jaarbeurs venue in Utrecht, where he celebrated the release of his ‘Mirage’ album with a special 9 hour set, live performances by some of EDM’s most talented singers and a mesmerizing show. For those that weren’t able to be at the sold out event, or for those that simply want to relive the night, the ‘Armin Only – Mirage’ Blu-ray/DVD is there.
Note IMDB 9.1/10
Note TMDB 8.6/10

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  • Durée : 2h18min
  • Année : 2011